Dining Table Sets

Wooden Dining Table Sets A rich and well-designed wooden dining table set is the perfect long-lasting furniture for every home. The stunning modern dining set design, comfort, appealing look, and style add an incredible touch to your symbolic dining room. You can feel the presence and the difference it makes in your life every...

Wooden Dining Table Sets

A rich and well-designed wooden dining table set is the perfect long-lasting furniture for every home. The stunning modern dining set design, comfort, appealing look, and style add an incredible touch to your symbolic dining room. You can feel the presence and the difference it makes in your life every day. At Wooden Bazar, it’s possible to get a modern, contemporary, or traditional wooden dining table set in all seasons at a highly discounted price. We offer mid to high-range sets in every style, size, shape, and color. So, check out the cool collections here and give a cohesive look to your dining space instantly!

Wooden Dining Set in All Styles at Discounted Prices

The wooden dining table set is the most reliable and best choice among other options available. Today, wooden sets come in all trendy styles. They are great for family, get-togethers, friend reunions, hosting parties, everyday family fun, and more. A large and big family can comfortably enjoy every meal & breakfast alike and create fun moments to cherish. Plus, they suit every dining décor and home. 

The dining styles available at Wooden Bazar will definitely surprise you. Every family will love to have one. We have the latest style for every dining area at a reasonable price. You will be amazed looking at the table price offered. So go ahead and have a look at each style. Thus, buy one that best suits your style, taste, requirement, and décor from Wooden Bazar online.

Explore the Wooden Dining Table Set in India of Top Materials at Wooden Bazar

Dining table sets online are crafted from a variety of materials. You will find a perfect dining set for every décor at Wooden Bazar. All our dining table chairs, tables, and cushions are made from high-quality wood and fabric. They all are tested vigorously hence long-lasting, durable, comfy, and withstand everyday use. Here are the highly popular and best wooden set types to explore in our store.

  • Solid wood- All our solid wood dining table sets are crafted from premium-quality wood. You will find them in different finish colors, seating capacities, storage types, design, weight capacity, and price. Every wooden dining table set of Wooden Bazar is easy to assemble, and install, and elegant in design. They match well with every home décor and style. 
  •  Manufactured wood- Dining set units designed from manufactured wood like MDF are highly popular in India. They add character, warmth, and elegance to every dining room. Plus, all our manufactured wood products are extremely durable and add a lavish and luxurious touch instantly. They need minimum maintenance. So, check them out in many colors, seating capacities, styles, and prices online at Wooden Bazar.
  • Solid and manufactured wood- We have a variety of products made from solid and manufactured wood in unique and appealing colors, styles, designs, and storage types in the online store. Bench styles, 8-seater styles, and 6-seater styles are the trendy ones to explore online anytime. Every dining table set price is rich, cool, and affordable.

Wooden Dining Seating Types Collections at Wooden Bazar Online

  • 4-Seater Wooden Dining Table Sets - The 4-seater dining set is ideal for small or nuclear families. It’s perfect to host a small get-together, party, enjoy a delicious meal with close ones, work, and for meaningful conversations. Usually, the table comes with 4 dining table chairs in elegant designs. The Amy 4-Seater Wooden Dining Table Set, Marjorie 4-Person Solid Wood Dining Set, Cohoon 4 Seater Dining Table Set, 4-Person Solid Wood Dining Set, and Adda 4-Seater Dining Table Set are the top-selling units at Wooden Bazar. They feature a modern style, solid back, and square & round-shaped tables. 
  • 6-Seater Dining Table Set - A 6-seater dining table set is a large table that offers enough space for guests, friends and family members. You can discover multiple 6-seater dining set units in our store in attractive colors, and modern & contemporary designs. They are ideal for large families, hosting dinner parties and entertainment like the Keshawn 6 Seater Wooden Dining Table Set, Kapteyn Butterfly Leaf Solid Wood 6 Seater Dining Table Set, Glenmoor 6-Person Dining set, and more Wooden Bazar. They all add an extraordinary look to your dining décor. 
  • 8-Seater Dining Table Set - A 8-seater dining table set looks beautiful in big rooms and outdoor areas. It will accommodate more guests and friends. It is perfect for a large family and weekend celebrations or hosting small parties. Wooden Bazar offers dining set units in many smart & trendy options. So, explore all the fashionable and rich units at Wooden Bazar.
  • 6-Seater with Bench Dining Table Set - A 6-seater dining table set with a bench offers great seating space and promotes interaction with guests and loved ones. They come in a variety of shapes, colors & designs like the Remus Dining Set and Cierra 6 Seater Wooden Dining Set with a Bench of Wooden Bazar. Both sets are contemporary and rich in design, look and feel. 

Buying Guide to Follow for a Perfect Dining Set

Here are the key rules to follow for buying a fine-quality and comfy dining table set online-

  • Go for the right size - Select a dining table set that fits perfectly in the room. Measure the room size whether it is indoor or outdoor before buying the set. The right size attracts everyone and enhances the dining décor vibe.
  • Go for premium quality material - Solid wood dining table set is the trendiest & popular choice to buy in any season. Durability, affordable price, fine-quality material, chic design, and easy-to-clean make them the best-selling furniture. So, explore sets made from solid wood and use them year after year.
  • Pick as per the seating capacity - Try selecting a dining set as per your family or the number of people. 4-seater, 6-seater & 8-seater are the top seating types available in the store. They are ideal for small, medium, and big families.
  • Pick the right shape - The dining sets are available in shapes like round, square, and rectangle. Select a shape that fits your room perfectly round shapes are best for limited spaces, square-shaped sets are good for small rooms, and rectangle-shaped are ideal for big rooms and standard rooms.
  • Pick the dining set color right - You will find a variety of color options in the store from light to dark. So, select a wooden dining table set color that blends extremely fine with your dining décor like a light-colored set for bold décor style and a dark-colored set for neutral décor style. Both colors add a cohesive and contemporary style.

Top 5 Dining Sets at Wooden Bazar to Check this Season

Amy 4 Seater Wooden Dining Table Set - It is a modern style dining table set crafted from solid & manufactured wood. It comes with a circular table and also offers fixed-size storage space. It’s a must-buy for a family of 4 or 5 for a contemporary & chic dining look. Explore every detail of the set at Wooden Bazar online.

Kapteyn Butterfly Leaf Solid Wood 6-Seater Dining Table Set - It’s a mid-century set with an awesome look & style. As per Wooden Bazar’s details, it features oval shape table, attractive wooden chairs, butterfly leaf storage, and extendable seating capacity. You can explore the many color options at Wooden Bazar online.

4-Person Solid Wood Dining Set - Refresh your dining room with this dining set. The classic design and cream-white finish color add warmth, brightness and a stunning look to the place. It offers a comfy dining experience for 4 people at all times. So, check out this beautifully crafted furniture at Wooden Bazar.

Magellan 8-Person Dining Set (Teakwood)- For a modern or contemporary home, this dining set is an excellent choice. This elegant furniture comes with cool gray & white finish colors. The faux marble tabletop, bench seat, and tufted chairs attract everyone. It will look classic and luxurious in traditional, modern and contemporary areas. 

Dining Table Set - Keshawn 6 Seater Wooden Dining Table Set - Add a delightful touch to your dining space with this simple yet attractive set. It is a great choice for a family with many members. The open X-shape design on every chair, soft seating cushion, and smooth table surface add an interesting focal point to your space. So, explore more about the furniture at Wooden Bazar online anytime.

Why Buy Dining Table Set from Wooden Bazar

Unique & Perfect Collections - Wooden Bazar’s numerous unique collections are the best fit for contemporary, traditional, and modern rooms. They are available at varying prices and blend well with every décor, and style and offer a comfy dining experience. 

Everyday Discount Offer - Wooden Bazar gives great discounts on all collections to online buyers every day. The discount price varies on each set. Online customers can grab the everyday discount offer anytime and buy a rich-designed piece at a fair price.

Complimentary Shipping with Zero Charges - Wooden Bazar offers complimentary ground shipping within 10 to 12 working days. The ordered product will be well-packed in a box with a Bolduc ribbon and delivered to customers doorstep. No extra charges are included for packing or shipping to any city. 

All-year Customer Support- Wooden Bazar’s customer support team is quick to respond to customers by phone or email for any issues & queries. Reach them on all working days.