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Wooden Side Table Online The bedside table is the only furniture that can make your bedroom rich, elegant, admirable and complete. You can add one or two bedside tables next to your bed. The side table options available in the market are endless. A Wooden bedside table is a perfect and long-lasting choice for homes with and without...

Wooden Side Table Online

The bedside table is the only furniture that can make your bedroom rich, elegant, admirable and complete. You can add one or two bedside tables next to your bed. The side table options available in the market are endless. A Wooden bedside table is a perfect and long-lasting choice for homes with and without kids. At Wooden Bazar, we have contemporary and traditional wooden bedside table designs with drawers, shelves and more. Every piece of furniture is ideal for displaying & storing a wide number of things. So, know about the trendiest designs, styles and storage types here at Wooden Bazar online. Buy the best products at affordable rates and make your master room instantly elegant and complete.

Wooden Bedside Table: Focal Furniture of Every Bedroom

Traditionally a bedside table is installed next to the bed. That’s because you can easily access the essential items without leaving your bed. Many people use it to keep a lamp but the modern units can hold many items from books to medicines to smart devices to chargers. It is the functional furniture of the home. Bedside tables add more storage space and keep the bedroom clean & organized. 

A variety of wooden bedside table designs can be explored on Wooden Bazar. The stylish designs will uplift every bedroom décor instantly. They improve the beauty of the bedroom by adding a graceful appeal to the place. The best thing about this small piece of furniture is you can add it to any corner, room or place. Here at Wooden Bazar, both modern and traditional bedside table design units are available in top colours. You can either add a more traditional look or a more modern look to the place. The choice & taste is yours. 

So don’t limit them only to the bedrooms. Instead add them to the living room, guest room or corner. Use them to keep magazines, novels, sunglasses, an alarm clock, smart devices, phones, tabs and more. They will be the key focus of attraction in the home for everyone.

Check out our incredible wooden bedside table designs collections online now. They are gorgeous, multi-functional, spacious and affordable. They offer practical benefits and at the same time enhance your room.

Benefits of Stylish Bedside Table

The stylish collections available at Wooden Bazar will surely attract you. Every product listed here is unique and functional. You can use them for years or pass them on to your kids. All thanks to the premium-quality fabric used in crafting them. Shapes like a round table look awesome next to your sofa & bed. A bedside table with drawers or shelves looks fabulous in the bedroom, next to the window or dull space of your room. You can select a simple table or designer table with shelves made from solid wood that is the best for your interior and needs. You can use the humble nightstand in the bedroom to display a lamp or hide small items that you use regularly. Having a lamp on the bedside table is very useful at night. You can unwind a page before going to sleep conveniently, keep the book without moving anywhere and take medicine comfortably too. If you have a wooden bedside table design like the Nuevo Bedside Table, Side End Table with Two Drawers, you can store your daily medicines in it and other items that you use every day. You can easily pull the drawers and drop the medicine box or other items in them.

If you are looking for furniture that consumes little space or modern design or simple design pieces for your home then you can explore them here at Wooden Bazar. Now here are the top benefits listed of wooden bedside tables.

  1. An ideal place to keep your smartphone and tab charger all time is in the nightstand drawers. You can place them in one of the nightstand drawers. Take them out whenever required without cluttering the room. 
  2. Perfect to display your antique alarm clock, lamp and vase. You can add a small lamp and your alarm clock on the table surface and enhance the look, and feel of the furniture and the room instantly. 
  3. It is the best piece of furniture to hide your everyday jewellery. You can remove your earrings or jewellery before going to bed and store them next to you in the nightstand drawer. You can even keep your other jewellery collection in the drawer. 
  4. Ideal to store other stuff as well. The bedside table is not limited to only medicines, jewellery, alarm clock or lamp. You can use the drawers to keep many things from keys to the wallet to laptops to sunglasses or eyeglasses. 
  5. Uplifts décor and atmosphere- End side tables crafted from high-quality wood will bring positivity and elegance to the room. They keep your master room clean, beautiful and atmosphere positive all day.
  6. Glass & water jar- We feel thirsty in the middle of the night or before going to bed or you may need to take medicine before going to sleep. Keeping a glass and a water jar can be helpful on the table surface. You can easily reach it at night & quench your thirst without disturbing anyone.

Tips for Getting the Right Wooden Side Table!

side table is small and easy to access furniture for all. The options, styles and designs available in the market are countless. The right furniture will add more elegance to the room. So, take the following point into consideration for buying the perfect nightstand table.

Select a shape that goes well with your bedroom size and shape. For a small corner area next to your bed, a square or triangular shape table looks great. It will use the space effectively and offers a chic look. For a large room, round tables are also an excellent choice. Select a table shape as per your room's taste.

Determine Drawers - How many drawers do you need if you are selecting a bedside table with storage space? Decide on the number of drawers before buying one. If you have a lot of items to store like medicines, keys, wallet, mobile and other essential things, go for a bedside table with two drawers. 

Design and Height - You will find numerous wooden bedside table designs and heights. You can go for a design that gives a fresh appeal to the room. You can select two same designs and height tables or different designs & height tables. Feel free to try the latter one for a unique look.

Unique Style - You can browse some bedside table design units in our store. Select something unique or a box-style unit. It can be a ladder style or circular style. Look for unique and gorgeous units and buy them.

Finish & Color - Wooden Side tables come in many finish colours from white to navy blue to yellow to black to silver to walnut to dark brown. All these colours are vibrant and add a classic look. It will make the master room brighter and more attractive. Rich colors add more beauty. So, try a colour that blends well with your interior.

Bedside Table - A Wide Collection to Style Every Bedroom at Wooden Bazar

You can quickly browse our gorgeous collections in all styles. We have multiple products with drawers and without drawers. Every bedside table with storage is modern in design. The drawers come with a unique access feature and smooth touch. They are easy to push and pull. We have plenty of products made from premium-quality wood. They are ideal for all homes and are long-lasting. 

The table top surface is crafted from stain-resistant material and the legs are from solid wood. Hence you can clean the entire furniture easily with a little effort. The table surface comes in many sizes. So, you can pick a size that best fits the room and give an extraordinary look to your bedroom. 

Buy Trendy Long-lasting Side Tables from Wooden Bazar

Here at Wooden Bazar, we have rich collections crafted from top-quality wood. You will definitely like all our products. They are available at a reasonable price. You will enjoy shopping on our website. We have a special discount offer for everyone on all our products. Also, we deliver them to all cities and charge no extra fee for shipping. You can buy them using debit cards, credit cards, net banking, UPI payment and cash on delivery options as well. We never store any card details or information. So, feel free to buy them anytime. Also, we update you through email and messages about the product delivery. So, you will know when the product will reach your doorstep. You can check out our trendiest collections such as Nuevo Bedside Table, Side End Tables with Two Drawers, Jackie Bedside Table, Side End Table with Two Drawers, Carminella Wooden Bedside Table, Side End Table & Nightstand, Kenny Bedside Table, Side End Table, Nightstand with Two Drawers(Set of 2), Mags Solid Wood Bedside Table, Side End Table, Nightstand with 2 Drawers, Alyssa Bedside Table, Side End Table, Nightstand with 2 Drawer, Olney Bedside Table, Side End Table, Nightstand with 1 Drawer, Perth Wooden Side End Table, Futura Bedside Table, Side End Table, Nightstand with 2 Drawer, Wesley Bedside Table, Side End Table Nightstand with Drawer and more.